Female Empowerment News

Female Empowerment News

There’s an Afghan teen who’s breaking down stereotypes by championing STEM education for girls in her war-torn country. This teenager is breaking stereotypes about what girls can do in school and breaking down barriers that prevent girls from achieving their dreams. The female empowerment news doesn’t stop there. There are stories of women demanding action on equal pay and education. In STEM education, for example, women are making strides and breaking down the glass ceiling.

Women’s empowerment

The UN women’s empowerment agency has just published its flagship plan for economic recovery and transformation, aimed at making the world a more gender equal place. The UNDP chief says it’s not that women are still sitting in corridors, but that the world is on the cusp of change. The goal is to ensure that every woman lives up to her full potential and that she no longer feels like a second-class citizen.

Gender equality

World Health Organization has announced multiple commitments towards gender equality and female empowerment. These commitments include reducing the prevalence of gender-based violence, advancing sexual and reproductive health, supporting health workers and strengthening feminist movements. These commitments lay a progressive roadmap towards the achievement of gender equality and female empowerment. What are these commitments? What can be done to further their implementation? The commitments of the World Health Organization are significant for several reasons.

Women’s rights in fashion

It’s not just small companies like Burberry and Calvin Klein that are pushing the boundaries of women’s empowerment. Many larger companies, …

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