Strong Men Attract Women Better Than Weak Men

Strong Men Attract Women Better Than Weak Men

Men and women have different styles when it comes to approaching a woman. Men are quick to “pile on” the good points and make them sound strong, while women tend to make distinctions. A woman who does not “pile on” is perceived by a man as a pessimist and a problem-maker.

Neither style is effective when attempting to attract a woman. However, men tend to enjoy being approached by women who are confident and assertive, and show signs of strength and wit.

Women are attracted to men with strength

A new study has shown that strong men are more attractive to women. Frail male body is not only an indication of disease, but it also reflects an inability to protect or provide. Nevertheless, women find fit men attractive. Among 160 women who were asked to rate men on their physical strength, zero preferred a man who was weaker in body strength. In the study, 60 shirtless men were recruited from a gym at a university, while 130 were psychology students.

There are several explanations for the phenomenon of attractiveness. The evolution of male body strength and physical fitness have influenced the development of human sexuality.

According to evolutionary psychologists, physical strength and wide shoulders make men more attractive. Physical strength increases a man’s attractiveness linearly. In fact, strength accounts for about 70 percent of the variance in attractiveness. Height and leanness, along with physical strength, can explain additional variance in attractiveness.

Women are turned off by men with weakness

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