7 Reasons Why Younger Men Date Older Women Via An Interview With a Man

I was talking on the phone with one of my male best friends’ named Dan. He’s 28 years old and I am only a few years older than him. Now as long as I have known Dan (about 4 years) he has always told me how his goal in life is to get a trophy wife. He wants to be the 40 year old with the 20 year old hot girlfriend and then eventually marry her too.

We got on the topic of younger men being interested in me and of course that led to me asking him if he had ever dated an older woman. He told me that he did a few years back. Naturally I was curious about his reasons why he would date older women.

Below are his reasons why he would be interested to date older women:

1. Older women are independent, i.e. financially stable. This is kind of shocking for me to hear him say because whenever he talks about women, it never bothers him if a woman has a career and a stable job.

2. They can carry on an intelligent conversation with more depth than the latest gossip on whom Jennifer Aniston is currently dating.

3. They aren’t stupid. Girls in their early 20’s are just stupid. They get drunk and throw up in your car while an older woman would sip on a glass of wine and drink only enough to give a slight buzz. (Hey I didn’t say …

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Great Diet Plan For Women’s Weight Loss

Today I have a simple diet plan for women. If you follow the steps I am about to lay out, weight loss will no longer be a mystery. The steps are nothing fancy, nothing complicated. They just work.

So, if you’re serious about losing weight, finish reading this short article to get clued in.

The Right Diet Plan For Women Weight LossBreakfast Time

Eat cottage cheese and drink a protein shake. If you like, you can also add a couple pieces of fruit and a low calorie yogurt. This is the kind of breakfast that will give your body the energy and protein it needs to get the day moving in the right direction.

You can also mix things up a bit. Eggs and rolled oatmeal are some other great options.

Just skip the sugary cereals.

Lunch Time

Choose a salad or soup that contains at least 20 grams of protein. Now, it’s great to eat a soup or salad, the problem is that many people forget about the protein. It’s not a meal until protein is added to the mix.

You have plenty of choices to make a healthy lunch. So, don’t get fixated on any one thing. If you get creative, you can think of any number of options so you won’t get tired of the same thing day after day.

Dinner Time

An ideal dinner contains a lean meat with 2 side dishes of vegetables added. Just don’t load up on potatoes unless you want …

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