How to Use a Hair Straightener Correctly and Effectively

How to Use a Hair Straightener Correctly and Effectively

The first step to using a hair straightener is to have clean and smooth hair. You can obtain this by washing your hair and using some sort of a shampoo and conditioner. Different people will suggest different brands, types, and styles. In this article we will not touch on that as it is for the most part a personal preference and can vary by hair type and even the person.

Once your hair is washed you will want to first towel dry your hair and then follow up with a thoroughly drying your hair with a hair dryer. There are a few key factors you want to follow while blow drying your hair to make it easier when it comes time to straighten your hair. First use a dryer attachment, this will help smooth your hair and make sure it blows in the same direction. Make sure you do not flip your hair while drying; this will cause your hair to get frizzy and make it more difficult to straighten.

Now you want to turn your straightener on, it should get hot fairly quickly. Once your hair is fully dry it is easiest to divide your hair up into sections, most find it easiest to divide it up into 3 sections. Once you have an idea of where you wish to make the sections you will wants to use some sort of a headband to tie 2 of them back so you can focus on the single section you are about to straighten.

Take the section you are working with first and brush it out getting rid of any and all tangles. Make sure once you have brushed it out you hold on to this section of hair so it can be straightened. Using the straightener start at the base …

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Some Tips on How to Get Women

Some Tips on How to Get Women

Three easy tips to get women:

1. There is no woman who cannot be approached. No matter how beautiful you think she is, all women are human. If you want to get women, you must first approach them. This can be very stressful, but the best way to overcome nervousness is to take a deep breath, and take risks. A lot of nervousness will disappear, when you realize …

2. The worst he can say is “no.” Some women don’t want to date you for any reason, and that’s okay. Rejection is something you should be familiar with in the process. Eventually you will realize that if you are rejected by someone before they even talk to you, they will not be worth the effort. Sounds like cheap advice your parents might give, but it’s true. On the other hand, if you are afraid or expect rejection, you will become your own worst enemy. Don’t expect rejection, but don’t be afraid, or be surprised by it. If your ultimate goal is to get a woman, then you must endure through rejection.

3. Be yourself. Every time you get a woman by lying about personal traits, you set yourself up for disappointment and heartbreak when they find out. And don’t fool yourself; life is enough like a sitcom they will eventually find out. You better be ahead now than having to reveal fraud later on. That doesn’t mean you have to come out with a list of poor quality clothes on the first date, but you also shouldn’t lie about yourself if asked. It’s better to be rejected early in the process than to be emotionally invested in a relationship and then discarded. On the small side, if “hit and stop it” is your goal, then of course it’s a lie …

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Are You Afraid to Talk to Women on the Phone?

Are You Afraid to Talk to Women on the Phone?

It would be funny if it was a scene in a movie or on a television show. You are staring down at your phone, knowing that you want to be able to just pick it up and dial that woman you met the other day, but for some reason – you just can’t seem to do it. Each and every time that you reach for your phone, something inside you says that you are going to blow it.

You know that you are not exactly a smooth talker when it comes to phone conversation and you have that nagging part of you that is telling you that you are going to mess things up. Yeah, it would be funny if it were a scene in a movie or in a television show, but it is your life. It’s your reality. What are you going to do if you are afraid to talk to women on the phone?

First off, I would recommend that you try and figure out what it is that is keeping you from making that phone call. Is it because you have had a bad experience in the past? Or, is it that you don’t have enough experience to pull it off? If you are like most guys, then it probably has a little or a lot to do with both.

Most men have had a few bad experiences when they called up a woman and that can replay over and over again in your mind. Not only that, but most guys also don’t have nearly as much experience as they should have when it comes to having conversations with women over the telephone and that can also be a big reason why you keep on feeling as though you are going to blow it.

What you …

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Do Women Like More Semen? Increase Your Ejaculate Naturally

Do Women Like More Semen? Increase Your Ejaculate Naturally

Sex is an important part of your life and there are certain aspects of your male sexuality that can impress your woman. Larger semen volume is one such aspect of your sexual power.

Yes! Women like more semen.

That is the most honest answer to the question, Do Women like more semen?

It is bust natural for your woman to think that you are more masculine and powerful if you ejaculate larger volume of semen. It is not just women who think like that but a large number of men also measure their manhood with the volume of semen they produce and ejaculate.

One of the most common problems that men face with age is that they experience a drop in their semen production. Your semen volume is directly related to your diet, lifestyle and testosterone levels. Testosterone is the hormone that is behind your libido, erectile function and semen production.

Men begin losing testosterone at about 1-1.5% a year after 30 and this is what can be one of the reasons behind reduced semen volume.

But there are a lot of men below 30, who can also experience low semen volume. In such a case, it is dietary deficiency and other lifestyle issues that are to be blamed.

Zinc is an important mineral as far as your sexual and reproductive health is concerned. Zinc deficiency can lead to a drop in your semen volume. Some of the best sources of zinc include oysters, lean meat, poultry, oily fish, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts etc.,

Not just this, excessive smoking and alcohol abuse can also be one of the reasons behind reduced semen production in men. So, if you are trying to boost your ejaculate, it is time to give up smoking and drinking alcohol.

Role of Natural Volume Enhancers

Though …

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Why Do Guys Always Chase Women and Then Act Completely Uninterested? Learn Why It Happens

Why Do Guys Always Chase Women and Then Act Completely Uninterested? Learn Why It Happens

Men love to chase – this is a known fact. And there are men who would go through hale and snow just to prove that he loves a woman. But why are there times when a man goes through all this and then backs away the moment the girl starts showing some affection? What makes them run into the opposite direction at the very last minute?

He’s just thinking outside of the box.

Perhaps he’s been rushing everything so far and at the last minute, he realizes that he needs to think things through before he decides what to do with his life. Will he or will he not start to date you?

It was exciting at first but now…

 euphoric feelings have already waned. A relationship that’s just budding is surely sweet and fun-filled but after this comes the realization that – what happens now? This is a fork on the road and this man has just decided to let you go rather than to hold on.

The chase is now over.

A man is a natural hunter and having posed as a challenge urged him to go after you. But as soon as he realized that the chase is over and he has everything that he needs to know about you, then this man would also, naturally, stop.

He’s not ready for anything intimate.

A woman who expresses her interest in a man is tantamount to a woman who’s asking for a relationship. Most men aren’t ready to be tied down so his normal reaction would be to just leave you or totally ignore you.

He found her to be an easy target.

Men want to chase and hunt and compete. When a woman becomes too easy to catch, a man will logically lose interest in her. Having …

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