Why Men Cheat, My Opinion

Why Men Cheat, My Opinion

Cheating is the worst thing one can do to their spouse. With the exception of physical abuse and torture, or murder.

I personally know that cheating destroys the whole world of the other spouse, and children. When you marry, it is a commitment until death do we part. When a husband cheats on his wife, (or the wife on the husband), they destroy the trust in the marriage, and humiliate the other spouse. This can destroy the love that is the foundation that marriage is built on.

Trust is something that is earned and holds the main function of marriage together along with love, of course. But you can still love someone, yet not trust them. This is difficult, but so often true.

This article is going to focus on why men cheat in my opinion. Statistically, men cheat much more often than women. I personally experienced this in two of my failed marriages.

One marriage my husband cheated on me because he was psycho, and had a hidden life that I was suspicious of, but could not catch him at for many years. He did this because he wanted to, and wanted me and other women. I’m sure the thrill he was catching from it added to his ego. When I did catch him it made the divorce go much more smoothly for me. He was also mentally and physically abusive, and I was very ready to divorce him.

The second time a marriage ended for me from my spouse cheating was a lot harder to deal with. We hadn’t been married long, and he admitted to be in love with a former girlfriend. I knew something was wrong with him, in our marriage, but I had know idea it was, “the other woman.” I tried to work things out with him, and I loved him dearly. But it was obvious that he wanted me and her! No way buddy! I do not share! Then he chose her, so I left, very broken hearted. It took a year for our divorce to be final. He died six months later of cancer.

I personally believe men cheat because they are sex fiends. They like the thrill and excitement of the chase, and the fantasy of someone new and more sexy than who they are married to. Men cheat because they are visual sexual beings, with big egos. Men who are insecure cheat to try to make themselves more macho. Some men cheat because they like women who are younger, and there are lots of those women available and ready, for men to play around with.

The internet has made cheating even more enticing for men with all of the available women at a touch of the keyboard. Men love the sexual excitement they get from having new sexual partners.

Men cheat at all ages and social classes. Fat, skinny, short, tall, bald, hairy, young, old, in between, all colors, races, rich or poor, men cheat.

It doesn’t matter how pretty, rich, sexy, fat, skinny, intelligent, perfect, their wives are, men will cheat.

Once a cheater, always a cheater in my experience. Once men have gotten away with it, they will always be suspect to trying it again. Sorry, but it is true! Men who cheat should have just told their wives they are leaving them, and then go with other women. It would be so respectful to do this, instead of destroying their wives hearts and lives by cheating! That’s why cheaters are cheats!

Cheaters should not even be called men! Cowards, liars, marriage killers, esteem killers, humiliators, cruel, cheap, adulterers, creeps, jerks, two timing losers, yellow bellied skunks, and other superlatives of your choice, but not men!

Women whose husbands cheat on them deserve better! Dump him and move on.

What goes around comes around! He will get his pain in due time.

Can you forgive him? Yes. Should you trust him again? No!