Diet For Pear Shaped Women – Here’s the Reason the Pear Shape Woman

Women come in various shapes and sizes – in fact often we talk about pear shaped women and apple shaped women. Unfortunately, most weight loss programs are designed for the more common apple shaped girls. For this reason many juicy pears are left out in the cold, which begs the question: What is a good diet for pear shaped women?

First, the good news: You can use almost any diet plan no matter what your shape. Diets don’t attack specific parts of your body when they flush fat out of your system. Instead, they reduce fat all over your body. Therefore almost any sensible diet will help you reduce your pear shape.

The best way to go is to make sure you eat three to five smaller meals a day – and most importantly, don’t skip breakfast. When you give your body food in the morning, it jump starts your metabolism and allows your body to properly digest the food you give it for the rest of the day.  Eat dinner as soon as you can when you get home from work – because if you eat dinner close to bedtime, you’re giving your body conflicting direction – use energy to digest, but lock down the body to get ready for sleep – and you wind up gaining weight.  Drink lots of water during the day. Cut down on carbs and fatty means. Instead eat lots of fruit and vegetables and low fat protein like chicken and beans. If you need to snack during the day eat fruits or vegetables.  Avoid processed food like the plague and never get takeout food – it’s full of fats that can wreck your diet. 

Now for the bad news: Most exercise plans marketed to women won’t work for pear shaped women. They are designed for the apples. So, you have to throw them out like yesterday’s news.

You’ll notice that traditional exercise plans for women focus on sit ups and crunches and bench presses. These are great for the apples, but can actually make pear shaped women look worse. If anything they will exploit your shape and make you look even more pear shaped then when you started.

Instead, the thing for you to do is to build up your upper body while you are losing weight through your diet. This will balance out your body and make your figure more curvy than bottom-heavy.

The best way to do this is to use free weights to build up your arms, chest, back and torso. Do lots of curls. Hold the dumbbells over your head and slowly lower them down to neck level. Lie on your back and lift the dumbbells over up in the air until they are above your chest. Do a lot of push ups.

Avoid crunches and sit ups until you have built up your upper body. Keep working it and make sure – even once you start working on your lower body – that you do roughly twice as many upper body exercises as lower body or stomach exercises.

Keep at it with the help of a sensible diet, and no one will dare think you were ever a pear!