Some Tips on How to Get Women

Some Tips on How to Get Women

Three easy tips to get women:

1. There is no woman who cannot be approached. No matter how beautiful you think she is, all women are human. If you want to get women, you must first approach them. This can be very stressful, but the best way to overcome nervousness is to take a deep breath, and take risks. A lot of nervousness will disappear, when you realize …

2. The worst he can say is “no.” Some women don’t want to date you for any reason, and that’s okay. Rejection is something you should be familiar with in the process. Eventually you will realize that if you are rejected by someone before they even talk to you, they will not be worth the effort. Sounds like cheap advice your parents might give, but it’s true. On the other hand, if you are afraid or expect rejection, you will become your own worst enemy. Don’t expect rejection, but don’t be afraid, or be surprised by it. If your ultimate goal is to get a woman, then you must endure through rejection.

3. Be yourself. Every time you get a woman by lying about personal traits, you set yourself up for disappointment and heartbreak when they find out. And don’t fool yourself; life is enough like a sitcom they will eventually find out. You better be ahead now than having to reveal fraud later on. That doesn’t mean you have to come out with a list of poor quality clothes on the first date, but you also shouldn’t lie about yourself if asked. It’s better to be rejected early in the process than to be emotionally invested in a relationship and then discarded. On the small side, if “hit and stop it” is your goal, then of course it’s a lie if you can do it convincingly.

After all these tips, it might sound like it’s almost impossible to get a woman. However, with the right attitude, and enough perseverance, these tips will help you get a woman in a long and satisfying relationship. The journey may be long and difficult, and you may end up with a few wild stories along the way, but in the end everything will pay off.