Women Secret Perfume Review

Women Secret Perfume Review

Women Secret is a brand new perfume that was introduced in 2008. The earliest edition of the fragrance was developed in the year 2008 and the newest edition will be in 2021. The brand is headed by perfumer Jerome Di Marino. Let’s take a look at the brand’s history. Firstly, what’s the fragrance’s origin? Basically, it’s a perfume that was created for women by women.

Intimate Women Secret

The sensual and captivating scent of Intimate Women Secret by Women’s-Secret evokes feelings of pure femininity and delicate sensuality. The fragrance combines the innocence of modern femininity with the sensuality of tonka bean. Its delicate sweetness is revealed by a duo of white flowers and is enveloped in a base of skin-friendly musk. It is the perfect scent for women who love to feel sensual but don’t want to be overpowered.

This sensual floral oriental fragrance from Women’Secret is a popular choice among women who love the smell of floral notes. It features a rosa of scent and an elegant facetted bottle. It contains notes of mandarina, pimienta rosa, almendro, sandalo, and almizcle. The fragrance has a long, sensual lasting odor and is suitable for everyday wear.

Lomani Paris Secret

For a daring and feminine scent, try Lomani Paris Secret. This floral and fruity fragrance is a tribute to the city of love, Paris. It features a floral base with notes of musk, Virginian cedar, amber and rose. A heart of peach and magnolia complements the fruity accords. The scent ends with a hint of wood. To get a better idea of its scent, read on to find out more.


The Spanish brand Women’s Secret has launched a new line of fragrances: W’eau. The scent is a fresh blend of modern femininity and the sensuality of tonka bean, which reveals an elegant duo of white flowers surrounded by skin-softening musk. This perfume is perfect for a night out or a date. However, before you start wearing W’eau, you might want to know more about the brand.

Women’s Secret is famous for its fragrances. The popular fragrances include citrus, florals and citricas. If you’re looking for a more unique scent, you can browse the entire collection online. Many sites will let you compare prices and see which one suits your budget. Some online stores even let you compare prices with local or online stores. Women’s Secret Gold Seduction is one of the brand’s best-selling products online, and it’s definitely worth checking out.