Why Do Guys Always Chase Women and Then Act Completely Uninterested? Learn Why It Happens

Why Do Guys Always Chase Women and Then Act Completely Uninterested? Learn Why It Happens

Men love to chase – this is a known fact. And there are men who would go through hale and snow just to prove that he loves a woman. But why are there times when a man goes through all this and then backs away the moment the girl starts showing some affection? What makes them run into the opposite direction at the very last minute?

He’s just thinking outside of the box.

Perhaps he’s been rushing everything so far and at the last minute, he realizes that he needs to think things through before he decides what to do with his life. Will he or will he not start to date you?

It was exciting at first but now…

 euphoric feelings have already waned. A relationship that’s just budding is surely sweet and fun-filled but after this comes the realization that – what happens now? This is a fork on the road and this man has just decided to let you go rather than to hold on.

The chase is now over.

A man is a natural hunter and having posed as a challenge urged him to go after you. But as soon as he realized that the chase is over and he has everything that he needs to know about you, then this man would also, naturally, stop.

He’s not ready for anything intimate.

A woman who expresses her interest in a man is tantamount to a woman who’s asking for a relationship. Most men aren’t ready to be tied down so his normal reaction would be to just leave you or totally ignore you.

He found her to be an easy target.

Men want to chase and hunt and compete. When a woman becomes too easy to catch, a man will logically lose interest in her. Having expressed her interest in him, this means that the chase was cut short just when he’s still looking forward to more challenges.

She’s not as interesting as she initially was.

The thrill of the chase is what this is all about. If all he sees are the same things over and over again – no matter how attracted he was to you before – his feelings would change and boredom would ensue.

He’s looking for more thrills.

You, obviously, didn’t meet his criteria for a good chase. This man wants to hunt for more and being tied down isn’t on his list of priorities at the moment. If you encounter this type of man, show him that there’s more to learn about you and what he saw was just the tip of the iceberg!