The Color Theory on Women’s Wallets

The Color Theory on Women’s Wallets

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Colors are perhaps one of the most exciting attributes of things. You choose a shirt or a dress based on your favorite color. You even order a certain meal because its color is so appetizing.

Interestingly, the color theory – the meaning of each color – can also be applied to women’s wallets. Yes ladies, the color of your wallet means something. While your primary consideration would either be the style or the designer, you can’t deny the fact that you also reflect on the color of the wallet. Even if the style is immaculate and the designer is perfect, but if the color is off, you won’t be 100% sold out to such a purse.

Here is a short rundown on the most common colors used in women’s wallets and their respective meanings:


Black is the safest of all colors. This is also the color that should be used if you want to establish authority and to express seriousness. This is perhaps the reason why most business suits are in black. A black briefcase of women is also the trend for high-powered lady executives. It also goes without saying that if you chose black women’s wallets, you are all about class and elegance.

Many people also believe that if a business is “in the black,” then, it is making lots of money. Therefore, if you use a black wallet, do make sure that there are enough bills in it – otherwise, you might be the first individual to give “in the black” a whole different meaning.


Blue is considered a global color. Meaning, different cultures and nations nearly have the same definition of this color. If you choose a blue wallet, then you’d be safe wherever part of the world you may be. You won’t offend any culture, that’s for sure.

In addition, blue symbolizes loyalty and faithfulness, as in “true blue American.” On this note, blue women’s wallets are a great gift idea to your girlfriends.


Ever noticed why most beer and gin ads feature women in red? Well, listen to this: Among all colors, red has the longest wavelengths of light that are invisible to the human eye. Therefore, they evoke warmth and excitement, passion and speed, strength and urgency.

So if you want to convey this type of personality, then you surely must choose from among a wide range of red women’s wallets. If you are very excited about a card, then you should use red letter openers (if you can find one) to complement such excitement.


Believe it or not, yellow is un-ignorable. After all, it is the color of the sunshine. In addition to that, yellow radiates joy, happiness, hope and idealism. It is also the color of spirituality and peace. Therefore, if you choose yellow women’s wallets, you are not only about physical joy, you are also advocating spiritual contentment.

So the next time that you are to choose something – be it a wallet, a dress or a pair of shoes – make sure that you choose the right color. If you can’t do all the talking, let colors do it for you.