How Korean Values Influence Korean Dating

We all know that values influence everything we do. For Koreans their strong Korean values is no exception.

What if I told you that in Korea how a man and woman are supposed to be is completely different? At least as far as dating is concerned. What if I told you that if you wanted to date Korean women or men successfully it could mean changing your values?

Discover some differences between what it means to meet potential partners in Korea compared to the West. That way if you want to date Korean women you would know what they like.

Social Introduction Over Chance Encounter

Who wouldn’t want to meet a potential partner through trusted friends? If your friends recommend that person then that means it’s good right?

But what if you happen to spot the love of your life? Would you stay close to your friends and not dare to meet her? Or would you muster up the courage (maybe even liquid courage) to go talk to her? What if it was someone your friends and family didn’t approve of?

Koreans in general are more interested in staying their groups. In Korea if a man is curious about meeting an ‘unknown’ women (or “mollenen yawcha” as Koreans would say it) and he approached her it could be risky.

His culture and upbringing teaches him that he must obey the family and only date for the sake of marrying and raising a son. If a Korean dates someone for fun or because they choose that person his (or her) society would frown upon it. Unless that person had money or connections (or both!)

So a Korean man is considered a ‘man’ if he can give up his whims and instead choose a partner that’s right for his family.

But aren’t women attracted to an ‘alpha man’? If a Korean woman meets a ‘nice’ guy who is set on providing for her – wouldn’t that bore her? Wouldn’t she prefer someone who’s a challenge and fun?

Yes they would but that’s not all. Read on

For Korean Women – Attraction is a Burden

What if I told you that most Korean women resent being attracted to a man? Shocking isn’t it? Why is that?

When a woman is attracted to a man she’s losing leverage and power. Her logic quickly disappears. She doesn’t trust her feelings.

Rather than enjoy the emotions and trust them she would rather cut them  the guy with it.

Yes women around the world do it but not to the extent that Korean women would take it.

You see: She has a lot at stake. She must date guys for her and her family’s sake. Those are the homogeneous Korean values that are affecting how she thinks and feels.

In Korean society a Korean woman has no status. It’s a very patriarchal society and the only way a Korean woman can get status is from her husband.

She also has a time limit. It’s also still commonly accepted that a Korean woman’s value in having a partner lasts until she’s 29 years old. 30 tops. In a superficial society like Korea’s your age matters. For Korean women it’s even more so.

So why waste time dating guys who don’t make the grade? Instead of finding a challenge who could leave her she’d prefer a boring but safe guy.

She’d miss out on some of life’s fun but it’s not her concern. Korean’s (and most Asians) are just getting out of poverty. Survival is still the #1 priority for them.

Why Dating In Asia Is Different

Asian women (as in women who were born and grew up in Asia) are more focused on keeping the community happy. A man as we see it in the West could disrupt that community. So when it comes to dating Korean women being a man is different.