Implementation of the 2015 ‘Comfort Women’ Deal by Japan

Nation of Japan and the United States came to a common conclusion that was crucial for Tokyo and Seoul to enact the 2015 bilateral agreement to settle the issues, which engulfed the issue of the Korean comfort women-who forcibly worked in the Japanese military brothels during and before the World War 2. According to the discussion held on Monday involving Vice Foreign Minister Shinsuke Sugiyama and the Deputy Secretary of State Mr. John Sullivan about the 2015 deal, at the State Department. That was scheduled ahead of the meeting which will be held in the course of the week between President Donald Trump of the US and President Moon Jae-in of South Korea at the White House. Suligama pronounced the agreement with Sullivan that the deal needed implementation.

Moon Jae-in who started his presidential term last month, condemned the agreement which was made under the governance of this Conservative predecessor Park Geun-Hye, claiming it got no welcome by the citizens of South Korea. In a statement where Sugiyama told Sullivan on the plans of Japan “intends to steadily implement the agreement that has been valued highly by the international community including the United States,” when he was addressing reporters about the talks at the State Department.

Referring to the December 2015 the Japanese and South Korean foreign ministers, announced the agreement in Seoul which each side considered to be “final and irreversible”- settling the issue once and for all. Japan gave Yen 1 billion last year to South Korea Government to enable it to fund the affected women, to provide medical, nursing, and other services to the women with comfort women stories. Japan at first gave a considerably less figure according to the news reports of the two countries. Officials made it clear that the Korean comfort women were likely not to get any cash payments.

The matter of Korean Comfort women was an issue which, with the inclusion of the military authorities of the day, saw a significant number of severely injured women the honor and respect of many comfort women. It was with this regard the administration of Japan painfully acknowledging its responsibility. The Comfort women stories and Comfort women testimonies saw Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed his utmost sincere apologies and remorse to the South Korean comfort women who suffered an immeasurable pain and incurable physical and psychological wounds during the period of that war.

According to Monday’s talks, Sugiyama told Sullivan that Japan and the Moon government had made a good start on the agreement in ensuring the bilateral relations continue to exist And Tokyo was looking forward to strengthening the partnership and tranquility. Also, the trilateral coordination with Washington in operations face with North Korea’s nuclear and Missile development.

Sugiyama and Sullivan agreed that Japan and the United States enforce sanctions on North Korea to control its nuclear and missile production programs. They also asserted that there was a need to press China, which marks the North’s leading economic and Diplomatic benefactor to take the responsibility in reining in North Korea.