How to Pick the Right Bra Size (for you)

How to Pick the Right Bra Size (for you)

For most women, bra shopping is an experience full of trauma, disappointment and emotional roller-coasters. Many women are buying bras that dig into their skin, bands slipping off their shoulders, and bras that create spillage. A lot of women get tired of wearing a bra during the day and they can’t wait till they get home and remove it. It’s evidence that most women are walking around with bras that don’t fit them.  To get the best bra, you have to know your bra size and the right kind of bra. There are various tips from CUUP bras reviews that can help you get the right bra size for yourself. Such fashion store reviews are important as they give you the information that you need to determine the right bra that you should buy.

1. Support comes from the band.

The bra cup is responsible for holding your breast in place. However, it’s the bands that offer the support that your breasts need. The bra straps seem like they provide the support for your breasts, but that’s not the case. When both the band and cup fit nicely, you can remove the straps and your breasts will remain in place. No wonder strapless bras are existent.

2. Know your size. 

Just like jeans, there are different sizes. When a pair of jeans is not your size, it won’t fit well and you may end up feeling uncomfortable. The same goes for bras. If you buy a bra that is either too small or too big for you, you will end up getting uncomfortable. Taking measurements of your breasts will help you in shopping for the right bra. Keep in mind the thumb rule. If you go up in the band, go down on the size of the cup. For instance, a 32C can fit a 34B or 30D.

3. Round up if your breasts are not the same size.

It’s normal and common when one of your breasts is bigger than the other one. Difference in breast size can make bra shopping more complicated. One breast will fit the other one won’t. However, there is a good solution for that. Purchase a bra that the bigger breast fits well. You can add a bra cutlet to the smaller breast. It will create balance and fit in both your breasts.

4. Don’t let bra straps dig into your shoulders.

If bra straps are digging into your shoulder, it means that your bra is smaller. Such a situation happens when your breasts are spilling on the sides of your bra cups. The cup size is not consistent with your breast size. It means you need to buy bras that are the right size for you.

5. Different bras serve different purposes.

Buying bras gives you options and compliments your wardrobe. You get versatile styles that are still comfortable for you. Having a variety of bras gives you options and ensures that your favorite bra survives longer. There are sports bras that are ideal for physical activities. There are convertible bras such as strapless, crisscross, or racerback.

Fabric and material of a bra is another important consideration to make. If your skin is sensitive to other fabric material, you need to consider that as well.