Are You Afraid to Talk to Women on the Phone?

Are You Afraid to Talk to Women on the Phone?

It would be funny if it was a scene in a movie or on a television show. You are staring down at your phone, knowing that you want to be able to just pick it up and dial that woman you met the other day, but for some reason – you just can’t seem to do it. Each and every time that you reach for your phone, something inside you says that you are going to blow it.

You know that you are not exactly a smooth talker when it comes to phone conversation and you have that nagging part of you that is telling you that you are going to mess things up. Yeah, it would be funny if it were a scene in a movie or in a television show, but it is your life. It’s your reality. What are you going to do if you are afraid to talk to women on the phone?

First off, I would recommend that you try and figure out what it is that is keeping you from making that phone call. Is it because you have had a bad experience in the past? Or, is it that you don’t have enough experience to pull it off? If you are like most guys, then it probably has a little or a lot to do with both.

Most men have had a few bad experiences when they called up a woman and that can replay over and over again in your mind. Not only that, but most guys also don’t have nearly as much experience as they should have when it comes to having conversations with women over the telephone and that can also be a big reason why you keep on feeling as though you are going to blow it.

What you need to then do is just remind yourself that it is always worse in your mind before you actually do it than it is when you pick up the phone and make a real call. Well, at least, most of the time it is worse in your own mind. As long as you can recognize that you are probably making a mountain out of a mole hill, you should be able to give yourself that reality check that you need to put you at ease. If that is not enough, then what I would say is that you need to get that experience that you lack and that can be easily done.

The way to get some real phone experience with women is to become the kind of guy who has real female friends that you can call up from time to time just to talk for the fun of it. Not women that you do favors for and not women that you secretly hope to date one day. Just women that you are cool with and that you like to talk to. When you have that kind of experience with talking on the phone with females, it won’t seem like such a big deal to call up a woman you have just met and get some conversation going on with her.