Which Model of a Car Girl Would You Buy?

Which Model of a Car Girl Would You Buy?

Buying a dream car for a woman is often easier said than done. Men are often apprehensive about investing in vehicles, and while there are certainly some awesomely sexy rides out there, most tend to be very expensive and just aren’t within the reach of the average male. But, fear not! There are a variety of options open to you when it comes to purchasing a car for a woman.

Sports Car

Probably the most obvious vehicle for a woman to drive would be a sports car. These cars are generally more elegant and luxurious, and are usually driven by supermodels or celebrities. The idea of driving a car that is so much smaller and cheaper than the more usual vehicles just doesn’t appeal to a lot of girls. Although the smaller models do tend to be less expensive, they can still be driven by anyone. They’re also perfect for anyone who lives in a city or area where high-speed driving is a problem, since a girl could easily get into a quick accident without any serious injury.


Another option for the girl who wants a dream car is a convertible. These cars have a higher center of gravity, and because they are faster, go at more speeds, and have better handling, they are great for women looking to drive fast. In addition to being faster, they also tend to be more practical, with lots of room in the trunk. Any girl who values her money will love having a convertible.

A convertible would be pretty boring if you didn’t know what kind of interior she would like it to have, and with all the different options available today, a girl can have her cake and eat it too. A sporty car is going to be made for a girl who likes to drive fast and has a lot of power, so there will probably be plenty of power behind the wheel for her to enjoy as well. If a girl is a very sporty driver, however, she might want to look into a more conservative model to keep from being overpowered by her own personality.

Finally, a girl can also purchase a more feminine-looking or “smaller” car than she would have if she had a sports car. Girls may not feel that they are cut out for driving large or scary cars, and a smaller or less expensive car would make them feel more comfortable in their own little world. The same theory applies to a truck as well, although this is probably more common if the girl is older: she would rather drive a smaller vehicle that is more practical or safe than one that is simply huge and scary.

The Outline

There are definitely some things that will make a girl want a certain type of car. As mentioned above, size and speed are definitely two factors that would play a large part in what a girl would like. Color also plays a role in the type of car a girl would want, but there are many other things that are important as well. A girl may only dream of one type of vehicle, but there are certainly a lot of dream cars out there that fit the criteria. Finding out what a girl’s favorite cars are might be the best way to help her choose.