The Best Way to Remove Body Hair

The Best Way to Remove Body Hair

From peach-fuzz fringes to long, dark, or coarse growth, women have already been carrying out battle with excess hair – and hair removal – for centuries.

For some women, the problem is hereditary or associated with ethnic inheritance. For other individuals, it may be brought on by a medical condition that includes polycystic ovaries or a hormone-secreting tumor, and even the outcome of hormonal adjustments linked to menopause.

Everyone desires to look and feel wonderful and to get pleasure from the self-assurance that brings, on the other hand, physique hair is a frequent difficulty affecting both men and women and varies from individual to individual. For women too considerably body hair can be unsightly, causing embarrassment and loss of self-confidence but removing it can be just as bad. Hair removal is often seen as a major inconvenience, costly, and a chore to say the least.

There are numerous ways of removing unwanted hair, however many solutions are often short-lived and just trying to decide on which method to use can be a headache in itself


Shaving is probably the most commonly used method and does allow you to achieve something approaching smooth feeling skin, but it takes a lot of time, can be messy, only lasts a short while and of course, the hair soon grows back.

The re-growth is speedy, commonly returning inside a day or two following shaving. Lots of women have sensitive skin and shaving too generally can cause irritation, rashes, and cuts.

Depilatories and Creams

Hair removal creams or depilatories as they are named is often applied in most areas of your face and body.

The creams usually function inside 10 minutes by dissolving the hair. Applying cream to huge areas from the body is usually tricky and messy and can irritate and in some cases hypersensitive reactions in some women.

The re-growth can also be pretty speedy plus the hair might be back inside per week, as like shaving it only removes hair from the surface with the skin and does not tackle the root cause on the challenge.


Waxing the undesirable hair gives a longer-lasting result as the hair is primarily pulled out entirely.

Simply because waxing pulls out the whole hair, it will take longer to grow back when compared with shaving or creams. It’s prevalent to not notice any re-growth for around 4 to six weeks.

The downside of waxing is the fact that it is painful and like shaving, if a woman has sensitive skin, waxing can leave regions of skin sore and red. It can incredibly painful if waxing is accomplished to certain parts of the body.

Contemplating the discomfort waxing causes, the risk of ingrowing hairs, which may be painful and cause of infection, waxing appears poor value.

Laser Hair Removal

The best identified permanent way of receiving rid of undesirable body hair is laser remedy.

It is an approach which will remove hair forever but does take some time for you to full the course of action and may perhaps not work for everyone particularly people today that have blonde, red, gray, or fuzzy sorts of hair Additionally people who have darker skin stand the risk of suffering blistering or burning.

Side effects are usually unusual however some experience hyperpigmentation from the laser beam rays and for others there may be some redness from the removal process. The redness usually lasts only for a few days, but for some skin types, it can last longer.

It was incredibly vital to have laser hair removal carried out by a fully qualified specialist. Severe harm towards the skin can outcome from this procedure getting carried out by inexperienced and unqualified clinics.

The most significant disadvantage of laser hair removal will be the price. As the process is normally carried out by professional clinics with very experienced personnel, very few of them come cheap.

Prices usually start around one hundred dollars for a small procedure, but can easily go into the hundreds or thousands of dollars for more extensive treatment. It all depends on the amount of hair that needs to be removed and the number of treatments required to complete the process.

The exception to this is a treatment to the face. As this is a very delicate area of the body to treat, the cost may run into thousands of dollars.

All this might seem like a lot of money compared to creams and waxes, but of course, it is a lasting solution

Light-Based Hair Removal

Between the creams and waxes at the less expensive end of the market and the very expensive laser treatment sits light removal based products.

Light-based hair removal is based on the process of selective photothermolysis in which optical power is employed to turn off development by vaporizing the hair shaft and follicle and in a similar time cooling the surrounding skin to lower the probabilities of burning or blistering.

The operation utilizes light wavelengths which are optimized for the removal of hair but aren’t injurious to the skin, so the danger of blisters, burns or UV damage is eliminated

The benefit of light-based hair removal is that it’s more quickly and more affordable than laser therapy, with a great deal decreased possibility of skin harm and pretty small discomfort

Once a product has been bought, the entire process may be performed in the comfort of one’s household at a time that suits you. Similarly to laser therapy, it might take two or three sessions to fully remove all the hair and regrowth, if it takes place at all, can take various months. For some women, the hair under no circumstances returns.

In all probability, the best item on the market that applied this strategy is Silk n Sensepil.

Silk n Sensepil can remove hair from your legs within one particular hour and leave a silky smooth skin

The procedure is painless, can be used all over the body and while the first time the result may not last too long, after several treatments the hair is usually completely gone.

The product is very simple to use with adjustments to suit all types of skin and hair growth.