Global Dating Insights: Forecast and Future of the Online Dating Industry

Global Dating Insights: Forecast and Future of the Online Dating Industry

If you want to know what’s happening in the online dating industry, then Global Dating Insights is the place to go. The site boasts a monthly audience of over 30,000 unique visitors, and its trade audience is highly engaged. Our team of professional journalists covers the online dating industry from a global perspective. For the first time, we have published an industry forecast.

And a new article focuses on the future of the online dating industry, including artificial intelligence and the rise of offline singles events.

Online dating market size and forecast

This report studies the size and forecast of the global online dating market for the year 2020. North America is projected to dominate the market through 2020, with increasing internet usage and smartphone penetration fueling growth. Meanwhile, busy lifestyles are also contributing to the popularity of dating services. In 2019, Tinder and Bumble were the leading dating apps in the U.S., and their growth is expected to continue through 2026. Asia-Pacific will also witness substantial growth in this sector.

Offline singles events

Despite the popularity of online dating, singles events have not gone away. The industry is divided into 3 segments: one-on-one matchmaking, singles events, and date coaching.

Millennials are still using dating apps to find matches. They sift through profiles to see who is authentic. Some groups cater to thousands of followers on Facebook. Other offline events are speed dating and “singles festivals” at five-star hotels. Online dating apps have even created their own personal dating coaches.

Artificial intelligence

The growth of AI relies on overcoming certain challenges. The survey responses indicate that financial services, retail, and health care are among the areas to be the vanguard for AI adoption. Outside forecasters predict that AI will be most popular in these sectors. But what are the specific applications of AI? Let’s explore the most popular AI use cases and their impact. Let’s first see how AI can help these industries. Then, consider how the technology can improve your business.

Facebook’s new dating product

Facebook recently announced a new dating product called Facebook Date, which is hosted by the social networking site. Though Facebook has long been a social media powerhouse, the dating product does have some limitations, such as only letting you match with people within your friend circle. You can also hide your sexual orientation or preferences from people you know. Some people are skeptical about Facebook’s dating product, and may consider permanently deleting their account instead.