Claim for Burns Caused by Laser Hair Removal

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In recent years the number of beauty centres that offer hair removal services with the laser system has grown enormously. This has produced an increase in the number of people who have claimed both extrajudicially and in court burns caused by these machines.

Experts like recommend that you should always ensure that the treatment centre to which you go and where they will perform the treatment is authorised.

In this way, you guarantee greater professionalism and potentially avoid burns on your skin.

But if you do suffer a burn and it is severe or so serious that it causes irreparable damage or is difficult to heal, it is recommended to seek legal advice about making a claim against the practitioner in order to reach a mutually agreed and beneficial solution with the help of a lawyer.

The importance of medical advice

It is important to go to the doctor as soon as you think you may have suffered a burn, and take pictures of it. In this way, it will be much easier to prove the existence of these injuries and the way and date they occurred.

An all-too-familiar case

A woman was successfully compensated for burns following a session of laser hair removal. The woman began the treatment of laser hair removal in the area of ​​the abdomen and legs. Years before, the same treatment had been performed in the same clinic in another area of ​​her body and she did not suffer from any complications, but this time was different.

The woman went to be treated at the clinic in question and from the beginning of the session, the woman felt unbearable pain. According to her, it was “far more excessive than in previous sessions.” She told the worker who was doing the treatment on several occasions, however, the practitioner alleged that it was normal pain for this type of treatment.

A point arrived at which the pain was such that the woman demanded that another practitioner come to the room, who, after observing the woman’s skin burns, ordered the session to be suspended and called a dermatologist. The dermatologist recommended the practitioner to apply an ointment to the damaged areas.

The woman was transferred to the emergency department of the local hospital, where she was diagnosed with second-degree burns caused by the laser.

The woman needed 23 days to heal, and there was scarring as a result of the laser hair removal procedure.

How legal advice can help your claim

The lawyer who took the case of this woman insisted on the importance and the obligatory nature of performing an examination of the skin before each session to assess the cutaneous state and thus be able to determine the intensity of the laser needed for each client, in each session.

The woman recalled that the first time the treatment was performed in the centre they did carry out a prior examination of her skin, but this time they had not performed any skin testing prior to treatment.

The court finally determined that the hair removal centre should pay compensation to the woman for the injuries, pain, and suffering that she had been caused as a result of their negligence.

If you suspect you have suffered burns as a result of a beauty treatment, make sure you seek expert legal advice from a laser burn lawyer immediately.