Being An Introvert And Its Impact On Intimacy – Few Myths Busted

Being An Introvert And Its Impact On Intimacy

There are several people who wonder whether being an introvert can have a negative impact on intimacy and dating? Once you take a look at the bigger picture, you will get to know about different stereotypes and pre-conceived ideas related to introverts and the intimate relations which may make it difficult for them to connect with people in an intimate manner. Relationships are considered a minefield and whenever there is a tendency of introversion, this adds to the complications.


The introverts tend to be more comfortable in their own space and they’re less likely to feel the need and requirement of a partner. People who don’t express their feelings are the ones who find it difficult to get in touch with their life partners and this is when they fail to speak about intimacy issues.


Introversion and its impact on intimacy

It is assumed that the introverts don’t have enough need for physical intimacy as compared to the extroverts. Research reveals that this is not the actual case. They are actually far from being asexual or shy as they can make excellent intimate partners due to their immense capability of listening to their partners and tuning into the needs of the partners. This makes their physical experience a more fulfilling and deeper one.


Instead of having reduced need for physical intimacy, the introverts actually have more need for emotional connection and this is in direct relation to the kind of physical intimacy that they expect from their partners. In fact, there are some who believe that introverts make the most intuitive lovers. Those who have a strong introverted nature rather than the extroverted nature are more aware of risks and are less likely to indulge in unsafe intimacy as this leads to health risks and regrets.


When it comes to intimacy issues, the introverts, far from being at a disadvantage, might be more likely to find the area of the lives which are more fulfilling and richer. It appears that in general, people are adopting to this thought process and a research found that 96% of the people admitted that physical intimacy was more relaxing and satisfying during the presence of emotional connection. The general population will benefit from an introverted approach to the area.


Therefore, whenever you’re communicating with an introvert, you should never feel that he or she is not able to communicate. They are the ones who are more accurate about their feelings and what they share with their partners is something more special than the extroverts.